Review: Second Quarter 2020

A Quarter in Perspective

Review: First Quarter 2020

Total Disruption

As the first quarter progressed, the worldwide pandemic took shape. It has impacted everything in our lives. I don’t think any of us would have suspected a “New Normal” like we are seeing today: the number of people who are out of work; The businesses that are shut down, some of which may never recover. The elderly, the homeless, the migrants and all the people who are enduring hardships.

An OK Decade

Third Quarter 2019

A Breather or a Fall?

During the first half of the year, we saw strong gains in stocks in the first quarter, with far fewer gains in the second quarter. An overview of the third quarter shows large stocks managing a modest increase while mid, small and international stocks fell. Drop-in interest rates underpinned the third quarter, increasing the value of bonds.