An OK Decade

Third Quarter 2019

A Breather or a Fall?

During the first half of the year, we saw strong gains in stocks in the first quarter, with far fewer gains in the second quarter. An overview of the third quarter shows large stocks managing a modest increase while mid, small and international stocks fell. Drop-in interest rates underpinned the third quarter, increasing the value of bonds.

Life in the Fast Lane

In the second quarter, most asset classes have received the message: “Be positive!” Like the first quarter, the asset classes we generally use for our investors were positive. The gains were not as significant as the first quarter, but they were substantial.

Numbers Review

First Quarter 2019

What a Difference a Quarter Makes

What a wonderful smell of fresh air arrived with the first quarter of 2019. Without rehashing the last quarter of 2018, which was “not good”, it is easy to say the first quarter of 2019 was “wonderful.”