The Financial Counselor Program™

Clients of Secure Planning, LLC. receive personal financial guidance through a systematic method called The Financial Counselor Program™. Created by President Ed Mallon, the program helps you and your Secure Planning financial counselor discover and focus on your goals and needs, and then work together to find the best way for you to fulfill them.

We realize that people may have very different financial needs. For some, retirement or estate planning is a priority. For others, reducing taxes or setting up a college-funding plan is more important.

Your counselor will begin by giving you an overview of key financial concepts. After a detailed discussion of your needs – personal, professional and financial – you will work together to list your financial objectives. Using that information, your counselor will prepare recommendations to best achieve your objectives.

The result of this interaction will be a customized Financial Plan. When you have approved your plan, your counselor will help you put it into action.

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