The Value of Education (05/27/2015)

This blog will cover one of many topics to be considered when planning for a student’s college education. Cost is certainly a major concern when a student is creating a list of possible schools, along with other factors that will determine the value of the education. 

A college’s job placement ratio in the field a student is interested in pursuing could be very helpful in assessing the value of the education for a specific career path. When first admitted to college, however, many students will not have decided on a career. The job placement ratio should furnish salary ranges for graduates in different fields. This information could help focus the student’s potential career goals, and be vital in determining a reasonable cost for the education. When you weigh the cost of education against what the student will be able to do with that education upon graduation, you can tailor the search to find a college that will meet both career and financial criteria.

Most colleges collect this information, but it may not be readily available in literature and on websites. Contact college advisors to get the facts.

The overall process of choosing a school will cover a wide range of criteria such as size, location, programs, cost, and prerequisites, to name a few.  It would be a disservice to say only one factor is important.  That being said, as you look at the costs of schooling and future repayment, consider the ultimate goal for the graduate. Job placement rates could be quite helpful. 

Lisa Dugan

Posted May 27, 2015