Take a Moment (11/21/2017)

At this special time of year when we give thanks and gratitude for all that we have in our lives, please take a moment to give the same thanks and gratitude to yourself. We are living in an age where life is moving very fast and the expectation to be constantly in motion makes it difficult to keep up or feel that you are not falling behind. Too often, we do not give ourselves credit for what we have accomplished.

Reflect on this year and write down what you have been able to do or make progress on--personally, financially or professionally--from your “to do” list. We practice this exercise periodically in our company and, although some of us are reluctant to stop to take the time for such an exercise, the result of seeing what you have done instead of focusing on what you have not, is very helpful. Take the time to acknowledge that what you have done, big or small, is important in your life.

We are extremely grateful for you as our client and partner. Thank you for allowing us to maintain a successful business. We wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!